We believe in true partnerships

Our aim is to create sustainable partnerships for complex projects and operations – which deliver on time within budget – and with a shared value creation for all partners.

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Our areas of expertise

Service & maintenance

We have a long history of working in service and maintenance projects in heavy industry.

Complex projects

Our experts excel in delivering complex cost-efficient solutions all over the world.

Partnership contracts

By being a co-creatinig partner, we deliver additional values to our customers.


Gisab’s focus on safety in schools and the streets

Swedish industry corporation Gisab focus heavily on safety at all its work sites. It is one of Gisabs foundations and a competitive advantage. That is quite well known. A not so known fact is that Gisab has extended its safety concerns outside of the work environment. By supporting the Swedish organizations Nattvandrarna and Aktiv Skola,

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Smart app helps safety work

It should be easy do things right. So Gisab decided to ditch the traditional paper work regarding safety and instead invest in modern technology.  ”We work in hazardous environments and our employees work at several different sites, så we wanted to make it easier to do things right”, says Gisab’s CEO Boris Lindberg. Gisab’s employees

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ABB praises the partnership with Gisab

In an article published on ABB’s web on October 18th, the partnership between ABB and Gisab regarding the iron ore mine in Kaunisvaara is accentuated. The article tells the story of two companies working together to create synergies, or, as Gisab’s COO Daniel Uusitalo tells it: ”This summer we set a new production record at

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Our heritage

Gisab has been formed by the harsh conditions of northern Sweden. Working in an arctic environment has honed our skillset, ingenuity and grit. Since 2015 we have been a part of Axel Johnson International; one of Europes largest industrial groups spanning over several areas and comprising more than 110 expert companies.