Axel Johnson International

Gisab is part of Axel Johnson International, a privately owned industrial company that buys and develops companies in strategically selected markets - primarily in technical components and industrial processes. 

Axel Johnson International is an active and long-term owner whose mission is to drive business development and growth. The company builds and develops company groups that share strategic goals and work for joint development and knowledge sharing. Axel Johnson International has companies in the following areas: flow management, industrial solutions, lifting solutions, transmission solutions and transport solutions. Axel Johnson International has an entrepreneurial culture where decentralized and strong leadership leads to quick decisions. Within the group, there are four focus areas: digitalisation, service, sustainability and human development. 

Axel Johnson International is based in Stockholm. The group includes more than 110 companies, which together have 4,100 employees in 27 different countries. The annual sales amount to 960 million Euros.