Investment in trainee programs

To secure the great competence needs that northern Sweden has, Gisab is investing in a new trainee program. The aim is to produce the best project managers in heavy industry. One of these upcoming project managers is Martin Lantto.

“I am a trained engineer with experience in the manufacturing industry. Getting into heavy industry, with all the investments that are currently taking place there, is a huge opportunity for me. Gisab's trainee program suits me perfectly, ”says Martin. 

During his months in the program, he has worked with large projects for LKAB in Kiruna, SSAB in Luleå and with internal processes for large and complex projects. 

“Through the program, I get to work practically with the technicians and get to know our clients' processes to understand the whole picture. It is really about solid work, at the same time I get enormous support from the organization to grow into the role of project manager for large and complex projects ", says Martin.

He sees the transition from manufacturing to heavy industry as very stimulating. 

“These are more complex projects, with more people involved. I get to work together with Gisab's and our partners' project managers, so I learn a lot every day. It is about watching and learning every day in a practical environment - with clients such as LKAB, SSAB and Boliden. Gisab's trainee program is the real deal and I can't imagine a better school to get into heavy industry ", Martin continues.

During his studies, he got a picture of heavy industry as a bit sluggish. How does Martin view it today?

"Not one bit sluggish. At least not here at Gisab. Every day I meet ambitious colleagues who want to improve the entire industry. It is such an insane growth that no one can afford to stand and watch. It suits me perfectly, as I myself have great ambitions and want to be part of changing the business", concludes Martin Lantto, who must hurry to the next assignment in Malmfälten.