How to bring up rock 1465 meters in a more efficient way

Partner: ABB
Timeline: 2016-2023

With our partner ABB, we deliver a complete new line of rock hoists To LKABs iron ore mine in Kiruna. In 2016, we started construction of a brand new hoist to be able to cope with downtimes while renovating the eight existing hoists in the shaft. All rock hoists are set to be finished by 2023. That means tearing the old constructions down and building new ones.

In this project, we have also modified the huge intermediate storage units 775 meters below the surface to increase the shafts capacity. Before we did this, these units were a bottle neck, limiting the outcome of the mine. 

Thanks to our top-class welders, project managers and mechanics, we have completed difficult tasks in a tough environment. And the results have been very good. Just ask our partners about this critical equipment. 

For more information about the project, please contact Ove Stenberg, 0980-26 86 20.