Expansion in Kiruna

Gisab has had a project subsidiary inside LKABs domains for several years. During 2021 Gisab have chosen to open a new office on Forvägen 33. This gives the company new possibilities to adopt a more proactive approach towards LKAB and other clients in Kiruna. 

”Our aims and presence in Malmfälten are clear. We have a strong project organization and with the new office, Gisab can step up as one of the great contractors in Kiruna”, says Boris Lindberg, CEO of Gisab.

The new premises give Gisab an opportunity to reach a broader market with it’s unique offer. Also, the new office becomes a new meeting point for staff, partners and clients. Gisab will keep it’s project subsidiary inside LKABs domains in Kiruna. 

”The office on Forvägen also acts as a step in our strive to fill in the gaps between Gällivare and Kiruna. Our main focus areas in Sweden lies in Malmfälten and Västerbotten”, says Boris Lindberg.