Gisab replaces LD gas pipe for SSAB in Luleå

When SSAB discovered shortcomings in the LD gas pipe that is part of the system for extracting energy from the gases formed during steel production, it was time to do something about it. Gisab was commissioned to replace the 26-meter-long, 40-year-old and 13-tonne pipe. During July, the replacement was carried out efficiently with the help of two cranes. At the same time, the compensators were replaced. 

“Gisab is a well-known player for us at SSAB. We have worked together in many contexts and it always works well. Their offer was strong and we are satisfied with the result”, states Björn Jansson, Head of Energy and Media at SSAB.

The gas recovery system, which includes the gas pipe in question, plays an important role in SSAB's sustainability goals. 

“The energy-rich gas created in the steelmaking process is used in a combined heat and power plant. The pipe is part of a system for directing the gas to the heating plant, where the energy then comes in handy. It is important for us that as much energy as possible is utilized", states Björn Jansson.