GISAB hands over operation of concentrator plant to KIAB

Today, the contract where GISAB have operated as turnkey supplier at the concentrator plant in Kaunisvaara ceases. From now on the operation will handled directly by Kaunis Iron AB (KIAB). The timing of this business transfer has been decided in consensus to prepare KIAB for production and maintenance under own management for 2021.

”It has been three years since we entered this partnership. GISAB har played a key role in the re-launch of the operation in Kaunisvaara, when it comes to building an organisation and developing an efficient work-flow. Together we have succeeded beyond expectation and the production goals set three years ago have all been met. GISABs efficiency, experience and view on partnerships have been instrumental to reach where we are today”, says KIAB CEO Klas Dagertun.

”We are immensely proud of how we, in cooperation with KIAB, have built an important industry in the area. The jobs created have a great impact to the region. It is understandable for KIAB to review their operation this way. They will benefit from the processes we have established at the plant, just as we at GISAB will benefit from the experiences of operating in Kaunisvaara when we take on new partnerships”, says GISAB CEO Boris Lindberg.

The decision to make the business transfer at this time, relates to KIAB wanting to strengthen coordination on-site by internalizing yet another part of the operation. 

At the moment KIAB and GISAB discuss cooperation regarding work not directly connected to the daily production at Kaunisvaara. The objective of the contract has always consisted of recruiting, training and handing over employees to KIAB at a business transfer, which is what is happening today. 

”These three years in Kaunisvaara have made it possible for GISAB to build a solid structural capital, modern processes and sustainable business models, benefitting the whole industry. Also, we have created an efficient back-up organisation to support partners in similar situations. Now, we look forward to continue cooperating with KIAB in new ways. I also want to thank all co-workers that are leaving us and wish them a bright future at their new employer”, says GISAB CEO Boris Lindberg.