Focus on large and complex projects at Gisab

Since we started in 1992, Gisab has been an integral part of large and important investments in Sweden and around the world. The work used to performed within the main organization. In recent years, our project organization has grown substantially. Because of the large investments in northern Sweden, Gisab has put even more emphasis on our project organization.

”The investments in sustainable steel production and other areas, means we get far more requests from our partners and clients. To be able to deliver on those requests, we are expanding. That means competence development and recruiting. Among others, we have a new head of projects”, says Boris Lindberg, CEO of Gisab.

Johan Wiman, head of projects, describes his focus on turn-key solutions and the goal to become a leading player regarding projects:

”At Gisab, we have done several highly successful projects when it comes to full-feature deliveries and turn-key contracts. In the past few years, we have also acquired solid competence regarding design, forecasting and planning. As we are focusing on the partnership from day one, we can help our clients to develop their sites and improve the processes. We are equipped to successfully deliver cost-effective turn-key solutions in large and complex projects.”