Gisab One

We strive to create sustainable partnerships with a shared value creation for all partners. We call it Gisab One. It is a modern methodology and an approach to sustainable deliveries. 

Impact targets replaces project targets

The real benefit becomes apparent towards the end of the project, but our methodology characterizes the work from start-up, through the entire process until final delivery and is also clearly noticeable in the long-term operation and maintenance phase. With Gisab One we focus entirely on impact targets. It is during the start-up phase that we set impact targets and forms of co-creation to secure not only the project, but also long-term operation and maintenance. This foundation then characterizes planning, design, development, implementation and handover.

There are many benefits

  • Clear focus on achieving the best possible solution for the project in the short and long term.
  • The competencies of each party are best utilized in a co-creation.
  • The partnership will be more straight forward with transparency and a solution-driven approach.
  • With Gisab One, we achieve a more profitable process for all parties involved.
Gisab One

Successful partnerships require excellent partners