Gisab is a part of a pioneering recruitment platform

The recruitment platform MindDig is a unique new global development and talent portal. It is an integral part of the Swedish industrial initiativ T25 with LKAB, SSAB, Northvolt and H2 Green Steel among others. This venture is a direct result of the 120 billion Euro that is being invested in the region over the coming decades to manage the green transformation of heavy industry. And Gisab are onboard with this venture from day one.

”The whole purpose with the platform is more focus on collaboration, so that we in northern Sweden can strive together to attract competent people. That is very much in line with our philosophy at Gisab, with transparency, co-creation and sustainability”, states Boris Lindberg, CEO of Gisab.

MindDig will help attract talents to northern Sweden. This means the platform will be in English and communicate vacancies, education and information about the region. The purpose is to make it easy and enticing to move to northern Sweden. The foundation of MindDig is collaboration between employers. It is about sharing the talent pool and cycling the talents to the place where they can make the greatest impact. Also, the network includes local authorities, universities, thereby making it possible to take care of a whole family wanting to relocate here.

The venture is a statement regarding the green transformation of the industry. Also, it is about changing the perception of the region. Now, it is time to stop competing about resources locally and instead compete with other dynamic regions globally regarding the greatest talents in the world. 

”Gisab will be a force to be reckoned with in the green transformation of heavy industry. We are expanding in the areas of hydrogen, energy optimization, partnering and circular economies. To succeed with the transformation, the whole region must be able to think new, we will need new experiences and new ideas. The most important part is that we work together. MindDig is an important step on the road to attract 100.000 new talents to the region”, states Boris Lindberg.