Moving 520 metric tonnes of fuel cisterns to Denmark

This spring, the Luleå branch of Gisab performed a task for the Danish company Brigadan A/S. The Danes had bought four fuel cisterns in Luleå, weighing in at 130 metric tonnes a piece. Gisab were responsible for extricating, lifting and transporting them to a ship, who in turn delivered them to Denmark. The task was aggravated by the Covid-19 situation.

”I was able to meet the customer once before the Danish borders were closed. It is always a hassle when you can’t meet as usual, but we solved the task without problems”, says Gisab’s project manager Mikael Carlsten.

The cisterns were strengthened and made ready before being lifted. At the same time, the road to the dock was prepared for the heavy transport. Then, the four giants were carefully rolled to the ship, were great precision was needed in loading.

”It is a very sensitive thing, loading big objects like these. We had a representative from a insurance company monitoring the whole thing. The marginals surrounding the loading were tiny and we were under great pressure time-wise. In other words, a really fun task”, says Mikael Carlsten. 

At the beginning of the project, five or six employees worked in the project. At the end, during the loading, they were twice as many.

Moving 520 metric tonnes of fuel cisterns to Denmark