Increased investment in Service & Maintenance

To meet the increasing rate of investment in industry in northern Sweden, Gisab chooses to develop its Service & Maintenance business area. This means, among other things, a new component repair shop in Gällivare and a new business area manager.

“In April, I will be the new business area manager for Service & Maintenance. My focus will be on meeting the industry's new reality - meeting customer requirements and being part of their maintenance process. It is about optimizing accessibility and maintenance costs ", says Emma Mäkitaavola.

Emma has worked with maintenance at Gisab for three years, including as maintenance manager at the concentrator in Kaunisvaara. Before that, the Värmland woman from Kil worked as a department manager at Midroc, where she worked for the mining industry both above and below ground. Emma has a master's degree in telecommunications and data communications - something she herself sees as a great advantage in heavy industry.

“As the mining industry and other heavy industry are now rapidly digitized and streamlined, my background becomes an asset. My background, including from international and national business at Ericson, also makes me used to functional agreements. This is an area where Gisab is now stepping forward properly and taking greater responsibility together with customers. It will be the next big revolution in heavy industry ", says Emma Mäkitaavola.

Gisab is investing wholeheartedly in developing its offering with increased responsibility towards customers, development of profitable functional agreements, better partnerships, increased proactivity and a more dynamic interaction with customers. Here, the new compre workshop will be an important tool for being able to take overall responsibility. The main challenge Emma sees in the future is the supply of skills.

“We see that existing expertise in northern Sweden has difficulty meeting all new investment projects. Here, diversity thinking and modern leadership become important tools for securing the competence of their operations. This is something we at Gisab invest a lot in. It is so important to find the right employees and that they thrive and develop in step with us and our customers, ”says Emma Mäkitaavola.

Leadership is something Emma mentions again and again. Gisab has a strong owner in Axel Johnson International who stands for enormous stability and really wants things to go well for all major investment projects in Norrbotten. Emma also describes Gisab as skilled in using the entire company's expertise. The only thing she would like is for more people to understand how exciting it is to work in heavy industry.

"If more people opened their eyes to the industry, they would be surprised at what an interesting environment it is and what exciting challenges there are," concludes Emma Mäkitaavola.

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