At Gisab, we do safety. It is easy to create safety policys. The hard part is doing it - every day and every minute of the work day. By focusing on that, we avoid incidents and maintain a safe working environment for our humble experts, partners and clients.

Doing safety is about including and involving everybody on a work site. It is about good communication and transparency, as well as having routines. Also, it is about education, coaching and having proper support functions. It all boils down to this: Actions speak louder than words.

Our safety process

Our safety process is based on the requirements that laws, customers and owners place on us. Perhaps most important aspect is the attitude towards a good working environment. It is about focusing on long-term sustainability before short-term financial gains. This is how we build value for ourselves and for our customers. We divide our safety work into three levels - Governance, Management and Responsibility.

Under Governance, we work with our safety policy, safety manual, education, SAM and SSG. When it comes to Management, safety is about planning and preparation, risk analyzing, communication, collaboration, reporting and feedback. When it comes to responsibility, it is about the individual's actions, to ensure that the right equipment is used in the right way, communication and to use our IA app. Safety at Gisab is basically a result of co-creation and individual responsibility.

Below you will find our safety presentation in Swedish and English.