Our areas of expertise

Complex projects
We deliver complex projects from grain to loaf. Hire us and get access to some of the industry's best mechanics, welders, engineers and project managers who will help you save costs and increase production rates. This without compromising safety. When we take on a project, we make your priorities our priorities.

Co-creation between experts is the best method to achieve sustainable value creation. This is not least true in an industry where the work is becoming increasingly complex and requires collaboration between several different areas of expertise.

Through partnership, you get access to a dedicated team of experts who focus on your needs and goals.

Together, we work towards joint value creation to increase the quality of the delivery, as well as for increased profitability. It is, in many ways, about working with common goals, transparency and openness. We offer a profitable and sustainable way of working with large and complex projects.

Service & Maintenance
Service, maintenance and manufacturing are an important part of our delivery. There are really no secrets behind success – hard work, humility and a solution orientation go a long way. We have some of the industry's best welders and mechanics and we always strive to be better.

Through our component repair workshop in Gällivare, we are a complete partner in service and maintenance and can carry out quick repairs. With us, you get a partner who cares about the whole and understands the customer's situation. Experts are continuously available in the substantial premises, as well as a well-stocked warehouse. This allows us to take care of complex maintenance tasks that deliver added value. For example, transmission changes, drums for conveyors, gearbox renovations, engine renovations, bearing changes, assembly of components are carried out here.

In the workshop there is, among other things, a 50-ton workshop press, a 10-ton traverse, laser for alignment, induction heater, motor test, crack indicator, band saw, pillar drill, belt sander, bench sander, 300-ton CNC-controlled press brake, 4-roll round roller, miter saw ( 3.1 meters, 10mm), TIG, MIG and MMA welders, hand plasma and positioners.

We are certified according to EN 1090-1, ISO 3834-3 and ISO 9001 and are well trained in MMA, MIG, MAG and TIG.


How to bring up rock 1465 meters in a more efficient way

With our partner ABB, we deliver a complete new line of rock hoists To LKABs iron ore mine in Kiruna. In 2016, we started construction of a brand new hoist to be able to cope with downtimes while renovating the eight existing hoists in the shaft. All rock hoists are set to be finished by 2023. That means tearing the old constructions down and building new ones.

In this project, we have also modified the huge intermediate storage units 775 meters below the surface to increase the shafts capacity. Before we did this, these units were a bottle neck, limiting the outcome of the mine. 

Thanks to our top-class welders, project managers and mechanics, we have completed difficult tasks in a tough environment. And the results have been very good. Just ask our partners about this critical equipment. 


The art of radical cost saving in a concentrator plant

Together with Kaunis Iron, we ran one of their iron ore concentrate concentrators in Kaunisvaara. Since the start of the partnership, we have worked systematically to reduce unnecessary costs and increase capacity in the plant. 

Our work in Kaunisvaara shows that it is perfectly possible to make work more efficient without compromising on safety.


Maintenance work in Africa

Long-term partner Valmet needed help on their site in Ngodwana, South Africa. So we rose to the challenge and sent a team of 16 highly skilled multi-talents to perform service on a boiler.

We are extremely proud of our employees, who in most cases are experts in several areas, such as assembly, welding and rigging and more. They are the reason why this project was successful. The extensive work consisted of renovating the boiler's ducts that handle hot and cold air. The experts completed the assignment in six weeks with satisfactory results. The old ducts were torn down and new ones installed, before the gang returned to a slightly colder climate.