Smart app helps safety work

It should be easy do things right. So Gisab decided to ditch the traditional paper work regarding safety and instead invest in modern technology. 

”We work in hazardous environments and our employees work at several different sites, så we wanted to make it easier to do things right”, says Gisab’s CEO Boris Lindberg.

Gisab’s employees have several useful apps installed on their work phones. One of these, The TIA app, has helped the company’s safety work. 

”It is completely different nowadays. The feedback to och from supervisors is a lot easier. It has to do with incentives. If our technicians ger feedback, it creates motivation to report more frequently”, says Boris Lindberg.

While paper reports may get lost, the app content is always available och helps the continuous and proactive safety work at Gisab. This is how project manager Max Lindfors puts it:

”Now I get a notice in my phone in the morning, and I can see that all my technicians are on site and have done their risk analysis, no mather where they are.”

From the app, reports are generated. These reports helps internal planning and in the dialog with partners.

”The system speeds up the process, giving us more time to be on site”, says Boris Lindberg.