Summer worker with big ambitions

Wilma Brännmark is studying to become a maintenance engineer at LTU. This year she has worked as a project coordinator at Gisab in the summer - which has resulted in extra work and a degree project for Wilma during her last year of education.

“The summer has been fantastic. I have been involved in much more than expected. Already now I have tasks that many dream of having a year after graduation. I have actually contributed to the big projects. The tasks have been very varied and I have received good support from Gisab's project manager ", says Wilma.

In addition to internal projects, Wilma has worked for clients in Kristineberg, Gällivare and Luleå. 

“It feels good to have been able to work with heavy industry for real. That Gisab also stands for a lot of development and innovation is really exciting. Now that my education starts again, I will work extra with Gisab's roof renovation project at SSAB. In addition, I will write my thesis for Gisab ", Wilma continues.

After the education, she hopes to get a job at Gisab. Wilma looks with confidence at the investments that are now being made in Norrbotten's heavy industry and assesses that Gisab is one of the companies that is best prepared for this development.

“We are investing in the workforce of the future. Partly through our new apprenticeships and trainee program, and partly by enabling those who write their thesis at universities to participate and develop our industry. The purpose of this is to review and develop methodology to minimize the long-term risk of injury during maintenance and installation work. In this way, we get employees who over time stay healthy, ”says Gisab's CEO Boris Lindberg.